Rules Committee Sends $1.5 Billion Youth Crime Bill to House Floor

Rules Committee Sends
$1.5 Billion Youth Crime Bill to House Floor

Dreier Says Debate Will be Full and Fair on Wide Range of Amendments

WASHINGTON - The House Rules Committee last night approved the floor procedures for House consideration of two bills designed to address youth violence and child safety, ensuring that a wide variety of proposals involving tough enforcement, firearms restrictions, cultural issues and $1.5 billion in community program funding will be debated and voted on over the next few days.

"In the wake of the recent school shootings, Congress and the American people want to comprehensively address the difficult issue of youth violence and child safety," said Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-CA). "This is a fair rule that focuses House debate on the most important issues surrounding youth violence and child safety."

"Our youth crime legislation recognizes that there are no easy solutions or quick fixes, and instead offers a number of different measures to combat youth crime, from tougher enforcement to expanded local youth community programs," Dreier added. "I'm pleased to offer my own amendment that allows communities to use federal funds in preemptive anti-gang programs."

The Committee approved a rule that provides for two bills to be considered, H.R. 1501 and H.R. 2122. Funding, enforcement and cultural provisions are contained in H.R. 1501, while firearms restrictions are in H.R. 2122. There were 55 amendments that were made in order, which if approved, will be attached to the relevant bill based on their subject matter.

Along with votes on amendments, there will be separate votes on H.R. 1501 and H.R. 2122 as amended. The rule then combines the two bills into a final bill, H.R. 1501, which will be considered as passed. Further information, including amendment summaries, is available on the Committee's web site at