Notice of Action: H.R. 6691 - Community Safety and Security Act of 2018

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

4:24 PM



H.R. 6691

Committee on the Judiciary 

Community Safety and Security Act of 2018


The Committee granted, by record vote of 5-4, a rule providing for the consideration of H.R. 669 under a closed rule. The rule provides one hour of debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking minority member of the Committee on the Judiciary. The rule waives all points of order against consideration of the bill. The rule provides that the bill shall be considered as read. The rule provides one motion to recommit.

In section 2, the rule provides that it shall be in order at any time on the legislative day of September 13, 2018, for the Speaker to entertain motions that the House suspend the rules and that the Speaker or his designee shall consult with the Minority Leader or her designee on the designation of any matter for consideration pursuant to this section.