Notice of Action: H.R. 5

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5:09 P.M.

H.R. 5     the Judiciary                                   Help Efficient, Accessible, Low-Cost Timely Healthcare
               Energy & Commerce                       (HEALTH) Act of 2011
               Ways & Means

            The Committee granted, by a record vote of 7 to 4, a structured rule providing six hours of general debate equally divided among and controlled by the respective chairs and ranking minority members of the Committees on Energy and Commerce, the Judiciary, and Ways and Means.  The rule waives all points of order against consideration of the bill.  The rule provides that an amendment in the nature of a substitute consisting of the text of Rules Committee Print 112-18 shall be considered as adopted and the bill, as amended, shall be considered as original text for the purpose of amendment and shall be considered as read.  The rule waives all points of order against provisions in the bill, as amended.  The rule makes in order only those further amendments printed in the Rules Committee report.  Each such amendment may be offered only in the order printed in the report, may be offered only by a Member designated in the report, shall be considered as read, shall be debatable for the time specified in the report equally divided and controlled by the proponent and an opponent, shall not be subject to amendment, and shall not be subject to a demand for division of the question.  The rule waives all points of order against amendments printed in the report.  Finally, the rule provides one motion to recommit with or without instructions.