New Rules Committee Web Site Gives Extensive Info on House Procedures, Schedule

New Rules Committee Web Site Gives Extensive Info
on House Procedures, Schedule

Dreier Says School Outreach Section Will Help Educate Student
Governments & Poli Sci Departments

WASHINGTON - As part of a drive to make Congress more accessible to the American people, House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier (R-CA) said today that the Committee’s web page has been redesigned to provide expanded information on scheduling and House procedures, using a clearer and more understandable format. The new web site is intended to increase public awareness of the procedures of the House, such as parliamentary terms, definitions and rules, and will include in the near future a section providing educational information to student governments and political science departments.

"I’m very pleased that the Rules Committee web site will serve as a comprehensive guide to House procedures and legislative information," Dreier said. "Whether it’s a student government research project, a late night media inquiry or simply a citizen interested in public policy, the Rules Committee web site will provide round-the-clock, up-to-date information. I invite everyone to check it out."

"We also hope to develop a web site that provides self governing bodies like student governments with simple parliamentary tools needed for success," Dreier said. "And we want political science departments to use the site as a resource for studying American government."

Dreier said that during the next few months, the Committee will develop new web site features that provide valuable information to high school student governments, and other self governing organizations, such as professional and volunteer associations. The Congressional Research Service (CRS), noted government professors, students and other experts will assist the Committee in structuring basic rules and processes to help organizations craft productive parliamentary procedures. In addition, the web site will serve as a convenient source of information for government studies and political science programs.

User Friendly Search Engine Provides "One Stop" Information & Access to CRS Reports

The Committee’s web site address is: "". Dreier noted some specific attributes of the new Rules Committee web site:

  • new design for easier navigation and access to information, including a user-friendly site search engine,
  • House legislative information, such as Committee hearing schedules, text of special rules, etc.
  • extensive information for students and observers of the legislative process, including CRS documents and a press release archive section.