House Approves Procedures for War Powers Resolution Bills on Kosovo

House Approves Procedures for
War Powers Resolution Bills on Kosovo

WASHINGTON - The House today approved the procedures set by the Rules Committee late last night for dealing with the two resolutions related to the War Powers Resolution and U.S. forces involved in the Yugoslavian conflict, as well as two other related measures.

"Today, the House approved a rule which structures the consideration of these measures in accordance with the War Powers Resolution, while providing for a full, fair and focused debate on the broader issues surrounding the introduction of U.S. armed forces in Yugoslavia," said Congressman David Dreier (R-CA), Chairman of the House Rules Committee. The House approved a structured rule providing one hour of general debate, and one hour on each of the following four measures:

    H.R. 1569, introduced by Representatives Tillie K. Fowler (R-FL), William F. Goodling (R-PA) and John R. Kasich (R-OH) prohibiting the deployment of U.S. ground forces into the Yugoslavian conflict without being authorized by law, with the exception of rescue missions;
    H. Con. Res. 82, introduced by Representative Tom Campbell (R-CA), directing the President to remove U.S. military forces from the conflict;
    H.J. Res. 44, also introduced by Campbell, declaring a state of war between the United States and Yugoslavia; and
    S. Con. Res. 21, a measure passed by the Senate which may be called up by Congressman Sam Gejdenson (D-CT) or his designee that authorizes the President to conduct military air operations and missile strikes against Yugoslavia.

"Although I have had some doubts about the President's original policy in Kosovo, I believe that the facts on the ground have overtaken those in question." said Dreier during floor consideration of the rule. "Now, we must win. We must achieve the goals that the President set out to achieve when he committed our forces to battle."

"We know we cannot engage in combat by committee. Too many people, in particular too many political leaders, have been involved in this effort. I do not support adding to that problem," Dreier added. "The President is constitutionally charged with leading – and winning – this campaign. He must do it, and we must stand behind him so that he can."