Committee on Rules 112 Congress Organizational Meeting

 Committee on Rules 112 Congress Organizational Meeting - January 5, 2011



 Summary, Text, and Status of Amendments Submitted for the Committee on Rules 112th Congress Organizational Meeting

(summaries derived from information provided by sponsors)

#   Sponsor



1.) Hastings (FL)




Provides that the Chair, to the maximum extent possible, provide complete and unedited audio and video broadcasts of all committee hearings and meetings.  That proceedings are broadcast live on the Majority Committee website and that recordings be made available on the Majority website within one calendar day of the proceeding.

Adopted by Voice Vote.

2.) Polis (CO)

Provides that the Committee report accompanying a resolution providing for consideration of a measure include an accurate explanation of any waivers of points of order, including a detailed explanation of waivers of all points of order.

Adopted by Voice Vote.

3.) Hastings (FL)

Requires all measures reported out of the Rules Committee providing for consideration of a measure and any amendment in the nature of a substitute to be considered as original text must be accompanied by a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) cost estimate and such estimate shall be printed in the report unless it has previously been printed in a House report.

Failed by a Record Vote of 4-7.

4. McGovern (MA)

Would ensure that any bill, substitute amendment, or self-executing amendment that is before the committee would be available for members to read for at least 24 hours before the committee would vote on a rule related to the legislation.  This would give members one full day to read legislation that they are voting on.

Failed by a Record Vote of 4-7.