GOP Pretzels: "To DEEM the Impossible DEEM"

Jun 4, 2013
GOP Pretzels: "To DEEM the Impossible DEEM"

With both chambers having passed budget resolutions, Congress is one step away from negotiating a budget for the first time in years.

Yet, instead of following regular order and going to conference with the Senate, Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have once again concocted a parallel universe where the extreme Ryan Budget is the only option worthy of consideration.

With today’s rule, they are simply “deeming” that the Senate has passed the Ryan Budget, even though they know that the Senate would never support the Ryan plan to end the Medicare guarantee or continue to give unnecessary tax cuts to millionaires.

Rather than compromise with others to get real results, House Republicans would rather carry on in fantasy land at the expense of the American people.

The House Leadership needs to wake up from their partisan dream, understand that they can’t win every argument by simply refusing to negotiate, and come to the table to work with Democrats on a budget compromise.

This circumvention of regular order and the democratic process earns the House GOP FOUR “Grand Old Pretzels,” or the Quadruple Contortion. Congratulations House Republicans!


"Grand Old Pretzels" is a ranking system designed by the Rules Committee Democrats to provide simple insight into complicated tricks. Through a ranking of 1-5, we will rate the level of contortion House Republicans will go through to twist their no-compromise agenda through the House. The more contortions, the more Pretzels they will receive.