Slaughter Reacts to Republican Rules Package for 115th Congress

Jan 4, 2017

WASHINGTON, DC — Rules Committee Ranking Member Louise Slaughter (NY-25) released the following statement in reaction to the House Republicans' rules package for the 115th Congress:

“These rules changes are the Majority’s way of punishing members of the Democratic Minority that took part in the sit-in on the House floor in June. It is apparent that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle are outraged about some matters of decorum in Congress. But where is the outrage over the violent deaths of the thousands of people that are killed by guns in America? This epidemic is tearing apart our communities, with 91 people killed every day by a gun in this country. Votes on bills to expand and strengthen background checks and keep people on terrorist watch lists and the no-fly list from being able to purchase firearms and explosives could have taken place in a matter of minutes. Instead, the Majority continued to do the bidding of the gun lobby and refused to allow a simple vote. Those on the other side of the aisle are criticizing us for pushing for action the wrong way, but Republican leaders are satisfied with never taking any action at all. That is shameful. We made a commitment to the American people during the sit-in that despite the inaction by Republican leaders in Congress, we would keep fighting. That is what I’m determined to do.”