Ranking Member McGovern Condemns House Republicans for Considering Resolution Designed to Undermine the Special Counsel’s Investigation

Jun 28, 2018

Ranking Member James P. McGovern

House Committee on Rules

Representing Massachusetts' 2nd District


Thursday, June 28, 2018


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Ranking Member McGovern Condemns House Republicans for Considering Resolution Designed to Undermine the Special Counsel’s Investigation

While providing cover for President Trump, Republicans fail to provide any oversight of an administration defined by scandal

**Video of his full speech is available online here**


WASHINGTON, DC —Rules Committee Ranking Member Jim McGovern (D-MA) today condemned House Republicans for considering H.Res. 970, a resolution designed to undermine the credibility of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential Election. By bringing this resolution to the House Floor, Republican leaders are enabling the extreme wing of their party to spread conspiracy theories while ignoring many very real oversight issues.

“We know this isn’t a serious attempt at oversight because this Republican Majority apparently doesn’t believe in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities,” McGovern said this morning on the House Floor. “Republicans today are completely missing in action under President Trump. This is an administration that has been embroiled in one scandal after the next. It is an administration dripping with corruption. Apparently the Republicans only believe in oversight if it involves President Obama or Secretary Clinton.”

While Republicans focus on providing cover for President Trump with this resolution, they are abdicating their duty to conduct any legitimate oversight of the Trump administration. Judiciary Committee Democrats have constantly been stonewalled in their attempts to provide oversight. In total, Judiciary Democrats have sent 75 letters to the administration and 43 letters to the House Judiciary Committee and the House Majority addressing oversight issues and every single one has been blocked or denied.

Additionally, since Chairman Gowdy has assumed his role leading the Oversight Committee, he has not issued a single subpoena despite the refusal by the Trump administration and private actors to respond to dozens of requests for documents.

Chairman Gowdy issued 13 subpoenas during his tenure as Chairman of the Benghazi Committee. In contrast, since President Trump has been in office, Oversight Committee Republicans have blocked 45 subpoena requests.

“Only with the Trump administration can you have one scandal start at breakfast only to have another one by the time you sit down for dinner. We should be doing our job getting to the bottom of what’s happening and holding people accountable! But instead we’re throwing sand in the gears of the Russia investigation,” continued McGovern. “This is about whether this Congress is going to fulfill its oversight responsibilities or sweep possible wrongdoing under the rug.”

House Republicans are considering this measure under their 90th closed rule of the 115th Congress, which block all amendments from both Democratic and Republican Members. This breaks their own closed rule record, making the 115h Congress the most closed Congress in history. A report released recently by Rules Committee Democrats highlights how Republican leaders have used restrictive rules to block measures to create jobs, bring down the cost of prescription drugs, and make education more affordable. These important policies deserve a debate on the House Floor, yet they are routinely blocked from even being considered.