Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for S. 2372 - Veterans Cemetery Benefit Correction Act

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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May 15, 2018 4:43 PM

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Crist (FL)


Establishes the Veteran Treatment Court Program to coordinate training and technical assistance to help veterans treatment courts coordinate benefits and services with the Department of Veterans Affairs and local veterans services organizations.

Davidson (OH)


Requires that the only healthcare benefit that may be made available to Members of Congress is care furnished through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Gonzalez, Vicente (TX)


Repatriates, naturalizes, and reinstates benefits for veterans of the United States Armed Forces who, after serving honorably and given honorable discharge, and having clean records prior to service, were deported. Excludes veterans convicted of violent crimes to include: voluntary manslaughter, murder, rape, sexual abuse of a minor, or any offense under chapter 113B of title 18, United States Code (relating to terrorism); and does not include individuals who have been determined to be a child abuser or a pedophile.

King, Steve (IA)


Provides that it is the sense of Congress that the Secretary for Veterans Affairs ensure that our nation's veterans should have wheel chairs furnished to them to meet their whole health needs.

Pearce (NM), Davidson (OH)


Expands veterans' eligibility criteria for community care, allows veterans to elect a local provider in their community based on the veteran's preference.

Roe (TN)


MANAGER’S AMENDMENT Provides technical and procedural corrections to HR 5674; changes the short title to the "John S. McCain III, Daniel K. Akaka, and Samuel R. Johnson VA Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act of 2018".

Shea-Porter (NH)


Eliminates restrictions on eligibility for VA dental care, which expands eligibility for VA dental care to all enrolled veterans.

Takano (CA)


Preserves the Bipartisan Budget Act deal and prevents cuts to VA programs. Holds the non-defense discretionary caps for VA negotiated under the Bipartisan Budget Act harmless when funding for the Veterans Choice Program is transferred from mandatory to discretionary accounts.

Tipton (CO)


Authorizes private cemeteries to request grave markers for veterans of World War I if any next of kin cannot be identified.