Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for S. 1847 - To provide for the redesignation of the Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies as the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (National Defense Authorization Act)

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Dec 3, 2014 4:03 PM

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Cicilline (RI)


Provides that the “Plan for Sustaining the Afghanistan National Security Forces” through FY17 also include a description of efforts to engage United States manufacturers in procurement opportunities related to equipping the ANSF.

Coffman (CO)


Prohibits U.S. funds from being used to pay the salaries of the Iraqi security forces or to provide weapons or equipment to the Iraqi security forces.

Cole (OK), Mullin, Markwayne (OK)


Strikes section 3003, relating to Southeast Arizona land exchange and conservation, from the bill.

McGovern (MA), Jones (NC)


Provides that no funds are authorized for military operations related to Operation Inherent Resolve (war against the Islamic State in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere) until Congress authorizes such operations.

McGovern (MA), Smith, Adam (WA), Jones (NC)


Requires that the President must send to Congress determination describing post-2014 deployment of U.S. troops in Afghanistan by no later than March 31, 2015 and Congress must vote on a joint resolution to authorize this deployment no later than 30 days after receiving the President's determination.

McGovern (MA), Van Hollen (MD), Jones (NC)


Provides that none of the funds authorized to be appropriated in this Act may be used to deploy U.S. ground forces in a combat role to Iraq, Syria, or other countries in the region related to Operation Inherent Resolve.

Polis (CO)


Adds a provision prohibiting employers, employment agencies, labor organizations, and joint labor-management committees from engaging in employment discrimination on the basis of an individual’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.

Rooney (FL), Himes (CT), Gabbard (HI)


Strikes Sec. 1209 which provides for the authorization to provide assistance to the vetted Syrian opposition through December 31, 2016.

Royce (CA)


Inserts language identical to H.R. 5681 to extend for another ten years the United States-United Kingdom Mutual Defense Agreement, an agreement in place since 1958 that governs nuclear cooperation with our closest NATO partner.

Speier (CA)


Gives the authority of whether to prosecute a sexual assault-related offense to the Chief Prosecutor of the respective service. The amendment also requires that an O-6 JAG or higher convenes the court-martial.

Van Hollen (MD), Dent (PA), Himes (CT), Gabbard (HI), Rooney (FL)


Strikes section 1209 (page 623, beginning line 17), relating to assistance to the Syrian opposition.