Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 985 - Fairness in Class Action Litigation and Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act of 2017

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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Mar 7, 2017 10:13 PM

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Cicilline (RI)


Exempts service members, veterans, and their families from the information production requirements under title II of the bill.

Conyers (MI)


Exempts civil rights actions from the bill's class action provisions.

Deutch (FL)


Strikes the fee determination based on equitable relief provision.

Deutch (FL)


Creates an exception for claims brought against the Treasury Department or the IRS by an organization applying for tax-exempt status alleging violations of First Amendment rights.

Deutch (FL)


Strikes the provision on conflicts of interest.

Espaillat (NY)


Exempts class action suits that allege an incident of discrimination based on gender or race.

Espaillat (NY)


Exempts a claimant who is or has been living in public housing or any dwelling unit for which rental assistance provided under section 8.

Gonzalez, Vicente (TX)


Creates an exception for actions brought by first responders or their family members.

Goodlatte (VA)


MANAGER’S AMENDMENT Strikes the prohibition on the use of the same class counsel if the named plaintiff is a present or former client, or has a contractual relationship with, the class counsel. Carves out private securities litigation class actions from the conflict of interest and stay of discovery sections, gives federal courts 90 days to review the sufficiency of the allegations verification submissions made in the section on multi-district litigation, and makes other technical, conforming, and clarifying changes.

Jackson Lee (TX)


WITHDRAWN Limits disclosure of the plaintiff’s personal information to defendants and only that which is relevant to the plaintiff’s pending claims against the defendant.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Replaces the substantive text of the bill with a requirement that the bankruptcy asbestos trust report quarterly an aggregate list of demands received and payments made.

Johnson, Hank (GA)


Exempts civil actions alleging fraud.

Kildee (MI)


Exempts class action lawsuits that are brought under either the Safe Drinking Water Act or section 1983.

Moore, Gwen (WI)


Exempts gender discrimination and sexual harassment claims from the bill's class action provisions.

Soto (FL)


Creates an exception for the bill’s required showing for class certification for claims for monetary relief arising from a mass shooting.

Soto (FL)


Strikes section 1721 to allow discovery to proceed while motions are pending.

Soto (FL)


Creates an exception for a claimant who is or has been a member of the Armed forces, a civilian employee of the Department of Defense, or a family member of either category.