Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 8 - Water Resources Development Act of 2018

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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June 5, 2018 4:32 PM

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Allen (GA)


WITHDRAWN Repeals section 1319 of the Water Resources Development Act of 2016. It returns to the original fish passage at the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam, per the Chief of Engineers Report of 2012 and allows for the repair, rehabilitation, and conveyance of the New Savannah Bluff Lock and Dam.

Babin (TX)


LATE REVISED Expresses the sense of Congress stating the importance and benefits of projects to improve 2-way traffic safety on high volume, deep draft navigation channels.

Bishop, Sanford (GA)


REVISED Conveys three parcels of land, known as the Earle May Recreational Area, from the Army Corps of Engineers to the City of Bainbridge.

Blum (IA)


Expedites the completion of the Cedar River flood risk management project authorized in 2014

Blumenauer (OR), Lipinski (IL)


Establishes a Water Infrastructure Investment Trust Fund that is funded through a voluntary labeling system on the individual sale of products from companies that wish to contribute to America's clean water. The funds in the Trust Fund shall be evenly expended to the Clean Water and Drinking Water State Revolving Funds (SRFs).

Bordallo (GU), Radewagen, Aumua Amata Coleman (AS)


Codifies existing 1.5% set-aside under the (Safe Drinking Water Act) Drinking Water State Revolving Fund for the 4 Insular U.S. territories.

Bordallo (GU), Radewagen, Aumua Amata Coleman (AS)


Codifies existing 1.5% set-aside under the (Clean Water Act) Clean Water State Revolving for the 4 Insular U.S. territories.

Bost (IL)


REVISED Permits a non-federal flood control project sponsor to pay, or contribute to, the difference between the cost of repairing a damaged flood control project and its projected economic benefits.

Bost (IL)


WITHDRAWN Requires the Corps of Engineers to consider all economic benefits that accrue in a levee repair or rehabilitation project as part of its Benefit Cost Ratio calculation.

Capuano (MA), Lynch (MA)


WITHDRAWN Deauthorizes a portion of the Boston Harbor Reserved Channel to allow construction of larger ship berths.

Capuano (MA)


REVISED Requires the Secretary to conduct a study of the status of the project for flood damage reduction and environmental restoration for the Muddy River authorized by WRDA 2000. The Secretary is required to submit a report to Congress describing the study and reasons for deauthorizing the project, which would be considered a feasibility report for purposes of section 7001 of WRDA 2014.

Costa (CA), Denham (CA)


REVISED Authorizes the Army Corps to accept contributed funds from the owners of non-federal Section 7 reservoirs for the purpose of reviewing/revising operational documents, including flood control manuals and rule curves.

Cramer, Kevin (ND)


Helps construct the Fargo-Moorhead Diversion regarding property previously bought out with FEMA dollars and restrictions.

Crawford (AR)


LATE Requires the EPA in implementing the Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure rule concerning oil pollution prevention to increase the storage threshold for professional certification of aboveground fuel storage tanks. The amendment also allows self-certification for midsize fuel storage and exempts those with less than 10,000 gallons in aggregate aboveground storage from certification requirements.

Culberson (TX)


Requires the Secretary of the Army to rank Federal ports based on several factors and guarantee an authorized project for navigation receive at least 60 percent of the total harbor maintenance tax collected at that port. If a port’s capability is less than 50 percent of the total harbor maintenance tax collected the funds may be allocated to other Federal ports for operations and maintenance and construction purposes.

Culberson (TX)


Clarifies a Corps of Engineers construction provision in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 to include eligible reimbursements to the non-Federal sponsor for construction completed or ongoing as of the date of passage of the Act.

Curbelo (FL), Mast (FL), Webster (FL), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Wilson (FL)


Encourages the Secretary of the Army to ensure that infrastructure can endure extreme weather and mitigate the impacts of that weather. Also directs the Secretary to report to Congress on water infrastructure resiliency.

Davis, Rodney (IL), Lipinski (IL), Mitchell (MI), Dingell (MI), Lawrence (MI), Kildee (MI)


LATE REVISED Clarifies that operation and maintenance of any project authorized under the Chief’s Report for the Brandon Road Study is done at an 80/20 Federal/non-Federal cost share. Also requires the Corps, following construction of any project authorized under the Chief’s Report for the Brandon Road Study, to consult with the governor of the state where the project is located and seek Congressional approval prior to implementing any additional technologies at the project. Also, adds to the list of feasibility studies in the base bill the USACE must expedite completion of the Great Lakes Mississippi River Interbasin Study Brandon Road Study

DeFazio (OR), Shuster (PA), Graves, Garret (LA), Napolitano (CA)


Establishes a specific budgetary mechanism to allow funds collected into the Harbor Maintenance Trust Fund to be appropriated and expended to address the maintenance dredging needs of U.S. commercial harbors.

Denham (CA), Costa (CA)


Extends authority of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to enter into cost recovery agreements for evaluation and processing of permits.

Denham (CA), Garamendi (CA), Costa (CA), Calvert (CA)


Authorizes financing for certain water supply projects.

Estes, Ron (KS)


LATE Renames the Wichita Valley Center Flood Control Project in Sedgwick County, Kansas to the “M.S ‘Mitch’ Mitchell Floodway.”

Esty (CT)


REVISED Adds to a National Academy of Sciences report consideration of an analysis on whether the Corps considers cumulative benefits of locally developed projects, including Master Plans, and if the Corps uses these benefits for purposes of benefit-cost analysis for potential projects within such Master Plans.

Fitzpatrick (PA)


Requires that if Federal Government does not provide funds to the Delaware River Basin Commission to fulfill the equitable funding requirements of the Delaware River Basin Compact, the amount of the unpaid apportioned Federal share for the annual current expense budget of the Delaware River Basin Commission shall be credited against the payments required from the Delaware River Basin Commission as a result of the Water Supply Contracts with the Federal Government for Blue Marsh Lake and Beltzville Lake.

Flores (TX)


LATE Directs the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to submit a report to the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee within one year of enactment a comprehensive assessment of any erosion or embankment instability issues at Waco Lake, Waco, Texas.

Frankel (FL), Webster (FL)


Enables the Secretary to enter into a written mitigation agreement for dredging of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway in Florida

Frankel (FL), Curbelo (FL), Mast (FL), Wilson (FL)


Allows the Corps to consider the best source of sand for each individual beach renourishment project

Garamendi (CA)


WITHDRAWN Directs USACE to consider ecosystem benefits in disposition studies and streamlines process for implementing study recommendations.

Gianforte (MT)


Changes the federal cost share of certain Bureau of Reclamation Projects that were completed before 1945, and have a completed corrective action study.

Gianforte (MT)


LATE Allows the Blackfeet Tribe to access 50% of the funds from the Blackfeet Settlement Act if/when appropriated and pursuant to the oversight of the Secretary of the Interior

Gibbs (OH), LaMalfa (CA), Duncan (SC), Gohmert (TX)


Prohibits the Secretary of the Army from enforcing any regulation that keeps an individual from possessing firearms on Army Corps of Engineer Water Resource Development projects.

Gibbs (OH)


REVISED Instructs the Secretary to expedite the DMMP process in order that studies reach completion within two years of their initiation and shall make maximum use of existing information and studies and avoid all redundant information collection and studies for purposes of Dredged Material Management Plans initiated in fiscal year 2018 and afterward.

Gibbs (OH)


Amends language to ensure all factors are considered in order for the mitigation bank to provide sufficient financial assurances.

Gibbs (OH)


Includes the language from H.R. 953, which amends the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act (commonly known as the Clean Water Act) to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency or a state from requiring a permit under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for a discharge of a pesticide from a point source into navigable waters if the discharge is approved under FIFRA.

González-Colón (PR)


Requires the Secretary to present within 100 days before the committees with jurisdiction in House and Senate, a report on the status, prospects and budgetary requirements for all WRD projects and proposals before the Corps in Puerto Rico, including those related to repair and mitigation for the 2017-2018 natural disasters; also holds back the deauthorization of inactive projects until there is an evaluation of their performance during those disasters and the cost of reactivation.

González-Colón (PR)


REVISED Expresses the sense of Congress that the Corps of Engineers should consider urgently and favorably projects and proposals pending before them for flood control, dam repair, beach erosion, harbor navigation in Puerto Rico, as well as for repair and mitigation required by natural disasters in 2017-2018; and that the Secretary should advance the project for ecosystem restoration at Caño Martin Peña, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

González-Colón (PR)


REVISED Directs the secretary to expedite reports for the navigation project for San Juan Harbor, Puerto Rico, per the study authorized by resolution of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure in September 20, 2006

González-Colón (PR)


Expresses the Sense of Congress that the Secretary should advance the project for ecosystem restoration at Caño Martin Peña, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Gosar (AZ), Tipton (CO)


LATE Takes meaningful steps to address the Bureau of Reclamation’s maintenance backlog and ensure an abundant supply of clean water for future generations.

Hastings, Alcee (FL), Soto (FL)


LATE Streamlines the authorization process for Everglades’ restoration projects over the next five years by allowing the Corp to begin work on projects included in the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan without seeking a separate congressional authorization for each project.

Heck, Denny (WA)


Creates centers of excellence for innovative stormwater control infrastructure, and directs EPA to promote the use of that infrastructure.

Heck, Denny (WA)


Directs GAO to conduct a study on USACE’s ability to comply with Federal stormwater runoff requirements.

Heck, Denny (WA)


Directs USACE to establish a voluntary task force to study and develop recommendations to improve the funding and financing of stormwater infrastructure.

Higgins, Clay (LA)


Directs the Secretary to expedite completion of the Southwest Coastal Louisiana project for hurricane and storm damage risk reduction and ecosystem restoration.

Higgins, Clay (LA)


LATE REVISED Directs the Secretary to prefer acquiring the minimum interest necessary in real property needed to support a project or action. Requires consideration of the use of a temporary easement estate or other interests designed to reduce overall costs, reduce project time, and minimize conflict with property owners related to such project or action.

Jayapal (WA)


REVISED Requests that the Army Corps of Engineers submit a report based on an assessment it was tasked to perform in WRDA 2014. Requests the Corps of Engineers to add to this report a list of harbors and waterways where non-tonnage aspects are significant.

Jayapal (WA)


Adds to a GAO study consideration of how changes to the navigation industry workforce with which the Army Corps of Engineers collaborates may affect safety and operations within the navigation industry

Jayapal (WA)


Requests from the Army Corps of Engineers a report to Congress on the potential opportunity for integrating noise abatement and noise mitigation technologies and practices into improvements and operations in harbors and inland harbors.

Jayapal (WA)


Adds to a National Academies of Sciences report consideration of the effects of sea level rise on water resource projects and properties of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Johnson, Mike (LA), Higgins, Clay (LA), LaMalfa (CA), Cramer, Kevin (ND)


REVISED Considers agricultural land to be prior converted cropland under if the land is certified prior-converted, as determined by the Secretary of Agriculture.

Joyce (OH), Huizenga (MI), Kildee (MI), Foster (IL)


Requires the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete its Chief’s Report for the Brandon Road Study by February 2019.

Joyce (OH), Nolan (MN)


Increases the authorization level for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Kaptur (OH)


LATE Renames the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation. Also, authorizes unobligated funds to be used for the promotion of trade and traffic through the Seaway in partnership with Great Lakes ports.

Keating (MA)


REVISED Authorizes Army Corps to give technical assistance to regional coalitions as they prepare for water resources development projects with potential connections to Army Corps projects or properties.

Keating (MA)


WITHDRAWN Authorizes a pilot program to test the outcomes of providing funding to non-Federal interests for studies and engineering costs associated with water resources development projects connected to existing Army Corps projects or taking place on Army Corps properties.

Keating (MA)


REVISED Grants the Army Corps the authority to repair or replace bridges in New England that serve as emergency evacuation routes.

Keating (MA)


LATE Directs the Army Corps to expedite and complete dredging in Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts as authorized.

Kelly (PA), Thompson, Glenn (PA)


REVISED States that in regards to WRDA funding determinations, the Corps of Engineers may consider operation and maintenance of the locks on Allegheny River for purposes of recreational boat traffic levels and related economic benefits.

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Establishes a contracting preference for companies that offer on-site childcare.

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Prohibits enforcement of an NDA against an agency employee in contravention of federal whistleblower protections

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Requires the Comptroller of the United States to provide recommendations to improve the capacity and preparedness of the Corp of Engineers workforce

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Requires agency employees to report to OGR, HSGAC, and OGE any time they seek ethics guidance on financial conflict of interest, and the results of that guidance

LaMalfa (CA)


LATE Prohibits the enforcement of the Environmental Protection Agency’s abandonment rule.

Lance (NJ), Gottheimer (NJ)


LATE Directs the Secretary to expedite the completion of a feasibility study for the Warren Glen Dam Removal Project in the Musconetcong River, New Jersey

Larsen, Rick (WA)


Increases the per project funding cap for Section 544 Puget Sound and Adjacent Waters Restoration (PSAW) to $10 million- which is consistent with Section 206 Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration projects and raises the overall authorization level for PSAW.

Lawson (FL), Wilson (FL)


LATE Makes supplemental appropriations for the Army Corps of Engineers for flood control projects and storm damage reduction projects in areas affected by flooding resulting from Hurricanes that took place in calendar years 2016 and 2017.

Lewis, Jason (MN)


LATE Encourages the Secretary to consider reasonable alternative agreements between state or local entities, private partners, and the US Army Corps of Engineering to dispose of dredged material.

Lipinski (IL)


Indemnifies the Army Corps from CERCLA liability for ecosystem restoration activities at Bubbly Creek in Chicago, IL

Lujan (NM), Lujan Grisham (NM)


REVISED Authorizes the expansion of the Abiquiu Reservoir.

Lujan (NM), Lujan Grisham (NM)


REVISED Provides a process to compensate victims of the Gold King Mine release

Mast (FL)


REVISED Clarifies the Secretary’s authority under WRDA 2000 to provide credit for Comprehensive Everglades Restoration in-kind work completed during design or construction, including work after a partnership agreement is signed. The Secretary and non-Federal sponsor must agree to the terms and conditions for in-kind work not expressly defined in the partnership agreement and the Secretary must determine the work is integral to the project.

Mast (FL)


Authorizes Army Corps to contribute funds to a non-Federal sponsor for design or construction of an authorized project when the Secretary deems it appropriate. Federal funds contributed to non-Federal sponsor work shall be credited to the Federal cost-share.

Mast (FL), Gibbs (OH), Maloney, Sean (NY), Brownley (CA)


Reauthorizes the Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) and directs Army Corps to utilize EPA review process for loan guarantee applications in order to enable state and local water infrastructure solutions or projects.

Mast (FL)


Establishes a CERP trust fund to fix “new start” challenges for Everglades projects, and adopts the Integrated Delivery Schedule established by Army Corps of Engineers and the non-federal sponsor and provides them with flexibility to adapt component sequencing to the engineering realities on the ground with efficient Congressional oversight.

McCaul (TX), Green, Al (TX), Brady, Kevin (TX), Culberson (TX), Olson (TX), Weber (TX), Poe (TX)


LATE Requires the US Army Corps of Engineers to carry out flood and storm damage reduction studies expeditiously in order to reduce the risk of damage from future floods and hurricanes in the Houston and Coastal Texas areas.

McClintock (CA), Tipton (CO), Gohmert (TX)


LATE Creates a streamlined permitting process with specific timetables and that allows applicants to only have to interact with one federal agency.

McMorris Rodgers (WA)


REVISED Authorizes a land transfer between the Port of Whitman and the Army Corps of Engineers.

Meadows (NC)


Prioritizes the operation, maintenance, and improvement of existing infrastructure.

Meeks (NY)


LATE Changes the name of the waterway in the State of New York from "Negro Bar Chanel" to "Joseph Sanford Jr. Channel".

Meeks (NY)


LATE Expedites the Army Corps of Engineers’ reformulation project in certain Sandy Superstorm affected areas of Queens, NY.

Meng (NY)


LATE Reauthorizes the Navigation Safety Advisory Council for an additional 5 years.

Mitchell (MI), Huizenga (MI), Dingell (MI), Quigley (IL), Moolenaar (MI), Trott (MI), Upton (MI), Lawrence (MI)


Adds to the list of feasibility studies in the base bill the USACE must expedite completion of the Great Lakes Mississippi River Interbasin Study Brandon Road Study.

Moore, Gwen (WI)


Adds language from S. 2800 related to projects under Section 219 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1992.

Moore, Gwen (WI)


Requires the Corps to take steps to better engage with and meaningfully consult with communities of color, low-income communities, tribes, and rural communities.

Moulton (MA), Keating (MA)


REVISED Provides additional funding for the Army Corps of Engineers Storm and Hurricane Restoration and Impact Minimization Program. The program assists communities in their efforts to recover and adapt to severe weather and natural disasters.

Nolan (MN), Joyce (OH), Huizenga (MI), Krishnamoorthi (IL), Mitchell (MI), Bergman (MI), Kildee (MI), Kennedy (MA)


REVISED The amendment requires the Secretary to conduct a study of the status of the project for flood damage reduction and environmental restoration for the Muddy River authorized by WRDA 2000. The Secretary is required to submit a report to Congress describing the study and reasons for deauthorizing the project.

Olson (TX), Weber (TX), González-Colón (PR), Green, Al (TX), Brady, Kevin (TX), Gonzalez, Vicente (TX), Poe (TX), Duncan (SC), Vela (TX), Plaskett, (VI), Gohmert (TX), Wilson (FL)


LATE Looks to expedite already authorized U.S. Army Corp of Engineers projects in the declared disaster areas of Texas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Paulsen (MN), Ellison (MN)


LATE REVISED Expedites the completion of a disposition study and requires the Secretary to report on the feasibility of preserving and uenhancing recreational opportunities and the health of the ecosystem of Upper St. Anthony Falls Lock and Dam.

Payne, Jr. (NJ)


LATE Expands the natural infrastructure provision to include all areas, not just coastal, and amends the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Continuing Authorities Program to include natural and nature based projects.

Pearce (NM)


Requires the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to pay back the Federal cost share for projects carried out under section 593 of the Water Resources Development Act of 1999 in the next fiscal year.

Plaskett, (VI)


LATE REVISED Requires the Secretary of the Army to conduct a study of the project for navigation, St. Thomas Harbor, Virgin Islands, authorized by the River and Harbor Act of August 26, 1937, and to submit a report to Congress describing the results of such study, reasons for deauthorization of the project, and conditions needed for reauthorization by the Secretary.

Posey (FL), Mast (FL), Hastings, Alcee (FL), Wilson (FL)


LATE REVISED Directs the Secretary to provide technical assistance on construction to a state agency that is carrying out congressionally authorized projects. Such assistance would be reimbursed by the state agency. Protects existing authorities under Davis-Bacon.

Richmond (LA)


LATE Extends current federal environmental banking authority to those federal laws that are co-enforced by the States, such as the Coastal Zone Management Act.

Rooney, Tom (FL)


LATE De-authorizes the “Comprehensive Everglades Restorations Plan, Central and Southern Florida, Site 1 Impoundment Project” which was originally authorized in WRDA 2007. According to the local project sponsor, which has been requesting de-authorization since 2015, the Site 1 Impoundment Project is no longer practical or cost effective and the expected environmental benefits are limited.

Royce (CA), Hunter (CA)


WITHDRAWN Eliminates the provision in Section 119 to make future projects eligible for credits.

Royce (CA), Hunter (CA), Mast (FL)


REVISED Adds flexibility in Section 120 so that future projects can also qualify for the pilot program.

Royce (CA), Lowenthal (CA), Hunter (CA), Correa (CA)


WITHDRAWN Expedites a study to remove significant portions of the affected communities from the 100- year floodplain and would greatly increase the flood protection in the study area.

Ryan, Tim (OH)


LATE Allows the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to be treated as a response action contractor when re-mediating contaminated sediments from navigable waters for the purpose of environmental enhancement and water quality improvement activities.

Sanford (SC), Delaney (MD), Duncan (SC)


REVISED Ensures timely payback for advanced funds paid for by a non-federal sponsor.

Schiff (CA)


Prohibits the Army Corps of Engineers from using glyphosate along the Los Angeles River to remove invasive and non-native vegetation.

Schiff (CA), Gomez, Jimmy (CA), Roybal-Allard (CA)


WITHDRAWN Expands reimbursement eligibility for non-Federal entities to include planning, design, and construction projects. Requires non-Federal entity seeking reimbursement still follow Federal labor and environmental laws.

Schrader (OR)


REVISED Requires the Army Corps of Engineers to include in future workplans, to the maximum extent practicable, any project or facility for disposition for which the Corps has a final report from the Director of Civil Works.

Schrader (OR)


REVISED Provides the Army Corps of Engineers with the authority to help mitigate any detrimental impacts to municipal water supply resulting from a Corps construction project.

Shea-Porter (NH)


LATE Directs the Secretary to use existing authority to mitigate severe shoaling at Hampton Harbor, New Hampshire

Shea-Porter (NH)


LATE Directs the Secretary to expedite the navigation project for Portsmouth Harbor and the Piscataqua River

Shuster (PA)


MANAGER’S AMENDMENT LATE REVISED Manager's Amendment. Makes technical changes to the bill, as well as additional provisions relating to Corps of Engineers projects and reports. Addresses direct spending issue in sec. 306. Strikes sec. 119 of the manager’s amendment.

Smith, Jason (MO)


REVISED Ensures prompt restoration and rebuilding in the event of an activation of any floodway or backwater feature within the Mississippi Rivers and Tributaries system.

Smith, Jason (MO)


Ensures that small ports along the Mississippi River have the available resources for dredging activities.

Soto (FL)


Directs the GAO to specifically consider trough bars, coastal wetlands and barrier coral reefs for their study on the feasibility of projects for flood risk management, hurricane and storm damage reduction, and ecosystem restoration.

Soto (FL)


Adds universities to the list of entities that the Secretary of the Army Corps should consider when submitting a report to Congress on the use of innovative materials in water resource development projects.

Soto (FL)


Directs the Secretary to expand the areas of consideration to include water storage.

Soto (FL)


REVISED Directs the Secretary, to the maximum extent practicable, to endeavor to provide information to all adjoining residential property stakeholders, next to property which the Army Corps of Engineers holds an interest.

Tipton (CO), LaMalfa (CA), Gibbs (OH), Davidson (OH), Grothman (WI), Crawford (AR), Pearce (NM), Duncan (SC), Gosar (AZ), McKinley (WV), Rouzer (NC), Smith, Adrian (NE), Gohmert (TX)


Repeals the previous Administration’s “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule.

Tipton (CO), Gosar (AZ), Gohmert (TX), Duncan (SC)


LATE REVISED Protects communities, businesses, recreational opportunities, farmers and ranchers as well as other individuals that rely on privately held water rights for their livelihoods from federal takings.

Valadao (CA)


LATE Extends the drought related provisions of the WIIN Act in Subtitle J for five additional years.

Valadao (CA)


LATE Ensures that both new water-related infrastructure and increased Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta (Delta) deliveries can be implemented as soon as possible without causing harm to other water users or the environment.

Wasserman Schultz (FL), Mast (FL)


LATE Authorizes Army Corps flexibility to approve non-Federal sponsor construction of shovel-ready features of a larger project.

Weber (TX)


LATE Exempts parts of Bolivar Peninsula and Galveston Island from the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) prohibition on using federal funds on barrier islands. This technical amendment is needed this session by the Corps of Engineers and the Texas General Land Office, in order to complete a 5.5 year, $20 million study of the Texas coast, as required for a proposed hurricane storm surge barrier to protect residents of Galveston Island, Galveston Bay, and the Houston Ship Channel.

Weber (TX)


LATE Enhances the Levee Safety Action Classification (LSAC) risk categorization tool, developed internally by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. It supplements current duties by ensuring that individual levee system LSAC ratings are transparent.

Weber (TX)


LATE The purpose of the amendment is to require the Corps of Engineers to cover 100 percent of the cost for correction of design or construction deficiencies caused by the Corps of Engineers.

Weber (TX)


LATE Updates the definition of Energy Transfer Ports and to hold harmless any current Energy Transfer Ports from receiving less funds, until such time as funding for this program is increased.

Young, Don (AK)


Restores the initial cost-share ratio of a 30 year loan made to an Alaskan community, which was altered mid-repayment at the cost of an additional $15 million to the community when WRDA 2007 passed.

Young, Don (AK)


REVISED Requires the Secretary to conduct an assessment of dams classified as Class III under the Dam Safety Action Classification of the Corps of Engineers. This amendment require the Secretary to provide a report to Congress describing anticipated impacts on the local communities if the Secretary no longer assumes responsibility of the Class III dam, or what the effects would be if the Secretary continues to assume responsibility of the dams over a period of 15 years after the date of enactment of this Act.

Zeldin (NY), Fitzpatrick (PA), Stefanik (NY), Tenney (NY), Reichert (WA), Donovan (NY), LoBiondo (NJ), Lance (NJ), MacArthur (NJ), Faso (NY), Smith, Christopher (NJ), Costello (PA)


Reauthorizes the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).