Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 6237 - Matthew Young Pollard Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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July 11, 2018 1:16 PM

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Amash (MI)


Repeals Section 309 of the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015.

Bera (CA), Connolly (VA), Garamendi (CA), Larsen, Rick (WA)


REVISED Requires a briefing to relevant Congressional committees on the anticipated geopolitical effects of emerging infectious disease and pandemics, and their implications on the national security of the United States.

Bera (CA), Gallego (AZ)


Requires a National Intelligence Estimate on the anticipated diplomatic, military, and intelligence impacts of a significant reduction or complete withdrawal of U.S. forces from South Korea, or the significant reduction or permanent suspension of U.S. exercises on or around the Korean peninsula.

Boyle (PA)


LATE Prohibits funds for U.S. participation in cyber defense or cyber deterrence involving the Government of Russia or entities owned/ controlled by the Government of Russia.

Brown (MD)


LATE REVISED States that congress finds that the parking garage of the National Maritime Intelligence Center of the Navy located in Suitland, Maryland, serves a dedicated workforce that carries out the critical maritime intelligence integration, information sharing, and domain awareness missions of the United States. The degradation of the parking garage negatively impacts personnel and operational readiness, and the Navy must prioritize an urgently needed replacement project.

Carbajal (CA)


LATE Requests a report on Russian Federation's subversive activities.

Davidson (OH)


LATE REVISED Amends an existing reporting requirement to include information about disciplinary actions taken for failure to comply with Section 702 FISA guidelines.

Demings (FL)


LATE Expresses the sense of Congress that the intelligence community should dedicate resources to further expose key financial networks used by the Russian political class to hide stolen money. In addition, requires a classified report on Putin and other senior Russian officials regarding their financial assets, which shall be submitted to Congress within 60 days of enactment.

Gallego (AZ)


LATE Reports on the national security implications of the use of technology produced by ZTE and Huawei by elements of US critical infrastructure.

Gallego (AZ)


LATE Requires report on funds expended at properties controlled by President Trump or the Trump Organization.

Gallego (AZ)


LATE Requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit to Congress Intelligence Community reports relevant to North Korea's intention to end its nuclear program

Hastings, Alcee (FL)


REVISED Directs the Director of National Intelligence to create and implement a plan that expands the recruitment efforts of all intelligence agencies geographic parameters used in recruitment efforts so that rural and other underserved regions across the nation are more fully represented in such efforts.

Hastings, Alcee (FL)


WITHDRAWN Directs the Director of National Intelligence to develop and implement an Intelligence Community (IC-wide) pilot program that recognizes significant acts of achievement by intern students resulting in a noteworthy contribution to a successful accomplishment to an IC mission or activity.

Hastings, Alcee (FL)


Amends the National Security Act to include in its list of statutorily-required positions on the National Security Council a Cybersecurity Coordinator. The Cybersecurity Coordinator shall be paid at the rate of basic pay for level III of the Executive Schedule.

Jackson Lee (TX)


LATE Adds to the Sense of Congress already in the bill that addresses the importance of conducting background checks for retention of security clearances or the issuance of new clearances to also consider an applicant’s membership in a hate group and their participation in activities espoused by hate groups that involve violence or incitement of violence which disrupts civic life.

Jackson Lee (TX)


LATE REVISED Amends the Sense of Congress already in the bill on the importance of re-review of security clearances held by individuals by adding consideration of whether the security clearance holder’s association or sympathy with persons or organizations that advocate, threaten, or use force or violence, or any other illegal or unconstitutional means, in an effort to prevent others from exercising their rights under the Constitution or laws of the United States or of any state, including but not limited to race, religion, national origin, or disability.

Jackson Lee (TX)


LATE Amends the Sense of Congress already in the bill on the importance of review of a security clearance by adding that a security clearance should not be held by an individual who actively engages in violent acts in the United States or its territories that target persons based upon their race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity for the purpose of inflicting physical harm or emotional distress with the objective of normalizing anti-social behavior towards vulnerable groups.

Jackson Lee (TX)


LATE Requires the Director of National Intelligence to conduct an assessment and report to Congress on the reliance of intelligence activities on civilian contractors to support Government activities, including intelligence analysis.

Keating (MA)


Adds Russian to the list of the languages in Sec. 1501.

Keating (MA)


Adds the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security to the coordination list in Sec. 1501 and adds trainings to be included in the list of publicly available resources.

Keating (MA), Cook (CA)


REVISED Allows civilian employees of the intelligence community who are employed by a combat support agency the ability to terminate residential or motor vehicle leases and telephone service contracts if they deploy to a combat zone for 120 days or more during the course of their duty with such agencies.

Kennedy (MA)


REVISED Requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit a report on the potential establishment of the ‘‘Foreign Malign Influence Response Center,’’ comprised of analysts from all elements of the intelligence community, to provide comprehensive assessment of foreign efforts to influence United States political processes and elections.

Khanna (CA)


Prohibits funds to be used for interference in a democratic election of a foreign country.

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Requires a National Intelligence Estimate of the political and military intentions of Russia.

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Requires intelligence community reports on security clearances to include the number of security clearances denied due to hate group affiliation, and the number granted despite hate group affiliation.

Lieu (CA)


LATE States that none of the funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act or made available for FY 2018 or 2019 may be used to conduct business with any entity owned or significantly controlled by the President, or the President's immediate family.

Lieu (CA), Gallego (AZ)


LATE Requires the Director of National Intelligence, acting through the Director of the NCSC to issue an assessment to Congress on the national security implications of the President reducing penalties on the Chinese technology manufacturer ZTE.

Lieu (CA)


LATE Requires a report from the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, in consultation with the Director of National Intelligence, on U.S. intelligence sharing with the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen for the purposes of operations against the Houthis.

Lipinski (IL)


LATE REVISED Requires an annual report from the Director of National Intelligence describing Iranian expenditures on military and terrorist activities outside the country, such as on Hezbollah, Houthi rebels in Yemen, Hamas, and proxy forces in Iraq and Syria.

Lujan (NM)


Authorizes the President to seek to maintain and strengthen the United Nations procurement channel for dual-use goods being sold to Iran through the provision of technical assistance to other countries to strengthen export controls and stop the illicit transfer of dual-use goods to Iran. Expresses the sense of Congress that the United States should remain engaged with the UN procurement channel and leverage the expertise of the National Nuclear Security Administration, acting through the United States’ national laboratories.

Murphy, Stephanie (FL), Curbelo (FL)


Requires the Director of National Intelligence to submit a report to the congressional intelligence committees on the potential impact to national security of deep fake technology, defined as the hyper-realistic digital falsification of images, video, and audio.

Rice, Kathleen (NY), King, Peter (NY)


REVISED Requires the Director of National Intelligence to report on the possible exploitation of virtual currencies by terrorist actors.

Schneider (IL)


Amends Sec. 1502 to include a list of individuals involved in significant Russian influence campaigns as well as recommendations for improvement regarding the defenses and responses per paragraphs (2) and (3).

Schneider (IL)


Amends Sec. 1503 to include a list of foreign state or foreign nonstate actors involved in the threats to election campaigns for Federal offices.

Schneider (IL), Meadows (NC), Torres (CA), Sinema (AZ)


REVISED Directs the DNI to report on Iran’s support for proxy forces in Syria and Lebanon, including Hizballah, and an assessment of the threat posed to Israel and other U.S. regional allies.

Schneider (IL), Meadows (NC)


LATE Requires the DNI to report on the national security impact to the U.S. and regional allies, including Israel, of Saudi Arabia obtaining nuclear fuel enrichment capabilities through a commercial sale.

Torres (CA), Wagner (MO)


REVISED Directs Director of National Intelligence, in coordination with the Assistant Secretary of State for Intelligence and Research and the Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Intelligence and Analysis, to produce a national intelligence estimate of the revenue sources of the North Korean regime.

Torres (CA)


Requires the advisory report on foreign counterintelligence and cybersecurity threats to election campaigns summarizing best practices for Federal offices to also include State and Local offices.

Torres (CA)


Requires a report from the Director of National Intelligence to Congress on the use of U.S. policy on family separation as propaganda by foreign governments, including Russia, to interfere and undermine the moral credibility of the United States.

Torres (CA), McGovern (MA), Hastings, Alcee (FL), Polis (CO)


LATE Inserts the findings of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, with respect to the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) regarding Russian activities and intentions in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Converts the Committee’s findings into findings of the entire Congress.

Vargas (CA)


Adds “the use of virtual currencies” to “section 1505” to ensure it is included in the assessment of threat finance.

Vargas (CA), Gallego (AZ)


Directs the Director of National Intelligence to submit reports to Congress assessing the status and intentions of North Korea’s nuclear weapons program during the current diplomatic negotiations.