Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 3189 - Water Rights Protection Act

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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March 11, 2014 6:14 PM

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Cartwright (PA)


Exempts the Allegheny National Forest, Delaware River Watershed, and Delaware Water Gap from the effects of the bill.

Connolly (VA), Van Hollen (MD), Sarbanes (MD), Scott, Bobby (VA), Edwards (MD), Cartwright (PA)


States that no provisions of the bill shall affect water rights agreements within the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Holt (NJ)


Exempts the Delaware River watershed from this Act.

Israel (NY), DeLauro (CT), Esty (CT), Crowley (NY), Engel (NY), Tonko (NY), McCarthy, Carolyn (NY), Bishop, Tim (NY), Courtney (CT), Himes (CT)


Exempts the Long Island Sound watershed from any provision in the legislation.

Kilmer (WA), Heck, Denny (WA), Larsen, Rick (WA), Smith, Adam (WA), McDermott (WA)


Clarifies that nothing in the legislation would affect or apply to the Puget Sound watershed.

Kilmer (WA)


Affirms that nothing in the legislation would affect or apply to the Olympic National Park watershed.

Kilmer (WA), Huffman (CA)


REVISED Clarifies that nothing in the legislation would impact or diminish the treaty rights of federally recognized tribes and would not impact water rights of federally recognized tribes.

Langevin (RI), Cicilline (RI)


Exempts the Narragansett Bay watershed and the Wood Pawcatuck watershed.

Lujan (NM)


Notification requirements for the implementation of water settlements.

Mullin, Markwayne (OK)


Ensures that the federal government cannot make Native American tribes apply for or acquire water rights under state law for the federal government rather than acquiring the rights for themselves. Prohibits the federal government from using permits, approvals, and other land management agreements to take the water rights of Native American tribes without just compensation. Ensures that nothing in the Act limits or expands the reserved water rights or treaty rights of federally recognized Native American tribes.

Polis (CO), DeGette (CO), Perlmutter (CO), DelBene (WA), Kuster, Ann (NH), Cartwright (PA), Huffman (CA)


SUBSTITUTE REVISED Mandates that the U.S. Forest Service may not condition ski area permits on the transfer of title of any water right or require any ski area permittee to acquire a water right in the name of the United States.

Speier (CA), Miller, George (CA), Lee, Barbara (CA)


Excludes the California Bay Delta system from the provisions of the bill.

Tipton (CO)


MANAGERS Makes several clarifying technical changes to the bill, and clarifies that the Act will have no effect on Bureau of Reclamation contracts, implementation of the Endangered Species Act, certain existing federal reserved water rights, and certain authorities under the Federal Power Act.

Tonko (NY)


LATE Ensures that nothing in this Act will affect or apply to the Hudson and Mohawk River watersheds.

Tsongas (MA)


States that Nothing in this Act shall affect or apply to the Lowell National Historical Park and Minute Man National Historical Park.