Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 23 - Gaining Responsibility on Water Act of 2017

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July 11, 2017 4:16 PM

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Bera (CA), DeSaulnier (CA), McNerney (CA), Swalwell (CA), Thompson, Mike (CA)


Delays implementation of the act until it is determined that it will not have a negative impact on the quantity, quality, and safety of drinking water in the California Delta region.

Costa (CA)


Authorizes the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to conduct geophysical characterization activities of groundwater aquifers and groundwater vulnerability in California, including identifying areas of greatest recharge potential.

Costa (CA)


Authorizes the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation to develop a study to enhance mountain runoff to Central Valley Project reservoirs from headwaters restoration activities.

Denham (CA)


REVISED Sets a timeline for completion of the New Melones Reservoir study, prevents exploitation of water rights, extends the program to protect Anadromous Fish in Stanislaus River for 2 years.

Denham (CA)


Clarifies that the underlying bill does not preempt the State of California Water Quality Control Plan.

Denham (CA)


LATE Authorizes a pilot project with the Bureau of Reclamation to offer low-cost financing for water infrastructure projects.

DeSaulnier (CA)


LATE REVISED Maintains requirements of California State Law and San Joaquin River Settlement in the bill.

DeSaulnier (CA)


Requires a review of available and new, innovative technologies for capturing municipal wastewater and recycling it for providing drinking water and energy, and a report on the feasibility of expanding the implementation of these technologies and programs among Central Valley Project contractors.

DeSaulnier (CA)


LATE REVISED Requires a study by the Secretary of the Interior to assess risks posed by California's dams and levees.

Garamendi (CA)


Clarifies that federal funds can’t be used for construction of the through-Delta conveyance authorized for evaluation in CALFED.

Garamendi (CA)


Prohibits the application of Sec 111 to California WaterFix.

Huffman (CA)


Strikes Section 304 from the bill, which is duplicative of existing provisions of law under the WIIN Act passed in 2016 which would hardwire allocations for some water contractors.

Huffman (CA)


Strikes Section 402 from the bill, which would limit releases for environmental flows for Trinity River fisheries. Such additional releases have been allowed in recent years to prevent fish kills that could lead to the collapse of the tribal and commercial fisheries in the area.

Huffman (CA)


Prevents implementation of the Act until the State of California, the Secretary of the Interior, and the Secretary of Commerce determine that none of the provisions of the Act will preempt or modify the application of California law.

Huffman (CA)


Requires certification by the Pacific Fishery Management Council that the provisions of the Act will not reduce employment or recreational opportunities for commercial or sport fisherman before implementation of said provision.

Huffman (CA)


REVISED Amends Section 108 of the Act, which as written would preempt California state law and restrict the state’s own ability to decide how to operate their State Water Project and enforce state water rights priorities.

Kildee (MI)


Bans aquaculture in the Great Lakes.

Kildee (MI)


States that within two years, any aquaculture facility on a Wild & Scenic River or its tributaries must show they are not adding pollution to the Wild & Scenic River.

LaMalfa (CA)


LATE Ensures water supply rescheduling provisions apply to equitably to all water districts in region.

McNerney (CA), DeSaulnier (CA)


REVISED States that nothing in H.R. 23 shall take effect until DOI certifies that the bill will not result in harmful effects on water quality or water availability for agricultural producers in the five Delta Counties.

McNerney (CA)


REVISED States that nothing in H.R. 23 shall take effect until DOI certifies that the bill will not result in the loss of agriculture, agriculture-related, fishery, and fishery-related jobs.

Pearce (NM), Torres (CA)


LATE REVISED Ensures that the water rights of federally recognized Indian tribes are not affected by this bill.

Torres (CA), Huffman (CA)


REVISED Protects water quality and water availability for Indian tribes fishing and water rights. If there are harmful effects, the Secretary must submit a report to Congress within 90 days detailing those impacts.