Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for H.R. 1231 - Reversing President Obama's Offshore Moratorium Act

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

Bishop, Tim (NY)


Would require the Secretary to make public data regarding the tax subsidies received by the lessee.  

Boswell (IA)


Would require the Secretary of Interior to include requirements for any person awarded a lease under the program to give preference to hiring veterans for activities under the lease.  

Brown, Corrine (FL)


Would make permanent the current moratorium on drilling in the eastern gulf of Mexico that expires in 2022.

Capps (CA)


Would seek to prohibit the Secretary of the Interior from issuing a lease on OCS lands that are seaward or adjacent to a coastal State which has a moratorium on offshore oil, gas, and mining activities.  

Castor (FL)


Would establish within the Department of Treasury a special fund for the collection of at least 80% of Clean Water Act fines and penalties related to the BP Gulf Spill.  

Connolly (VA), Scott, Bobby (VA), Moran, James (VA)


Would clarify that new offshore drilling would not conflict with military operations

Cuellar (TX)


Revised Would require a GAO report detailing the effects of both the Obama Administration drilling moratorium and this Act on energy technology innovation and diversification, domestic energy prices in the United States, and the extent to which this Act has helped create new jobs.  

Cuellar (TX)


Revised Would require that all new drilling continues to protect the coastal environment, marine environment, and human environment of state coastal areas and the Outer Continental Shelf.  

Garamendi, John, Thompson, Mike (CA), Schrader (OR)


Would ensure the protection of the entire West Coast of the United States by amending the proposed criteria when making available for leasing any outer Continental Shelf planning areas for the 2012-2017 five-year oil and gas leasing program.  

Hastings, Doc (WA)


Would make technical numbering corrections to section 2 of the bill.  

Hastings, Alcee (FL)


Would prohibit any lease-sale from going forward where either the National Academy of Science or Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has determined that use by human beings of any non-renewable resource expected to be extracted from the subject property contributes to global climate change.  

Holt (NJ), Sarbanes (MD), Pascrell (NJ), Pallone (NJ), Rothman (NJ)


Would prohibit oil and gas lease sales in the Atlantic Ocean.

Holt (NJ)


Would add a safety component to the oil production goal established by the bill without changing the production goal. The goal is to reduce the fatality rate for workers in the oil and gas industry to half or less of that for the 2004 to 2009 period.  

Inslee (WA)


Would require the Washington state Governor and legislature approve any leasing of the Outer Continental Shelf off of Washington state.  

Jackson Lee (TX)


Would grant coastal states access to revenues generated from lease sales.  

Jackson Lee (TX)


Would provide qualified outer continental shelf revenue to coastal producing states.

Jackson Lee (TX)


Would require the Secretary of Interior to conduct a study to identify the necessary levels of staffing and training of technical engineers and such other personnel as are necessary to review bids for leases to be made available in oil and gas leasing programs under this Act and report back to Congress.  

Jackson Lee (TX)


Would change the short title to "Restoring America's Energy Leadership Act of 2011."

Jackson Lee (TX)


Would change the short title to "America's Plan for Offshore Energy Act of 2011."

Keating (MA)


Would require the Secretary to make public information about the lessee's executive bonuses from the most recent quarter.

Markey, Edward (MA)


Would require that new 5-year leasing plans require that companies bidding on new leases first renegotiate any royalty-free leases they own; thus raising more than $2 billion over 10 years.  

McGovern (MA), Welch (VT), Blumenauer (OR)


Would reduce the federal deficit by $40 billion by eliminating subsidies to oil companies.

Miller, George (CA)


Would require that the Interior Secretary include safety information when compiling the report required by the bill. Such information should include companies' obligations under the Oil Pollution Act, history of worker fatalities, and violations of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, Clean Water Act, or Clean Air Act.  

Pallone (NJ), Holt (NJ)


Would prohibit the Secretary of Interior from including lease sales in the Atlantic Ocean in the 2012-2017 5-year oil and gas leasing program.  

Runyan (NJ)


Would allow individual States to “opt-out” of five year leasing plans located within a state’s administrative boundaries if the people of a state agree to do so via a referendum vote.  

Thompson, Mike (CA)


Would clarify that the legislation does not allow for oil and gas drilling on the northern coast of California.  

Tonko (NY)


Would rename the bill "Putting Big Oil Profits Above America's Safety Act".  

Tonko (NY)


Would direct the Secretary of Interior to issue a yearly report to Congress detailing steps taken by industry and the agency to improve facility management. The report also calls for an update on progress made relating to NEPA and other steps taken to address safety and environmental concerns.  

Tonko (NY)


Would direct the IG of the Department of Interior to submit a yearly report to Congress describing BOEMRE's efforts to improve offshore safety and accident investigation. The report also calls for an evaluation of the safety efforts and recommendations for improvements.

Tsongas (MA)


Revised Would require that all applicants for a drilling permit under a lease issued under H.R. 1231 would have to submit a worst-case scenario oil spill containment and clean-up plan.

Tsongas (MA), Markey, Edward (MA), Tierney (MA)


Would protect the George's Bank fishing grounds from oil and gas development.