Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for Division B of H.R. 5895 - Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2019

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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June 6, 2018 12:22 PM

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Blackburn (TN)


LATE Provides for a one percent across the board cut to the bill’s spending levels. Accounts for the Capitol Police; Architect of the Capitol-Capitol Police Buildings, Grounds and Security; and Office of the Sergeant At Arms shall not be reduced.

Blum (IA), Rosen (NV)


Prohibits the use of funds to purchase a first-class airline flight for a Member of Congress.

Budd (NC)


LATE WITHDRAWN Defunds an Obama administration executive order that requires federal agencies to make use project labor agreements (PLAs) on large-scale federal construction projects exceeding $25 million in total cost.

Cohen (TN)


REVISED Prohibits the use of funds, made available by this Act for the Members’ Representational Allowance, to enter into any new contract, grant, or cooperative agreement with any Trump related businesses listed on the Trump Organization’s website. The specific properties are listed in the amendment.

Cohen (TN)


REVISED Prohibits the use of funds, made available by this Act for the Members’ Representational Allowance, to enter into any new contract, grant, or cooperative agreement with any Trump related business listed in the President Trump’s Annual Financial Disclosure Report submitted to the Office of Government Ethics. The specific properties are listed in the amendment.

Cohen (TN)


Prohibits the use of funds to purchase plastic drinking straws.

Connolly (VA)


REVISED Increases funding for the Government Accountability Office (GAO) by $1 million and decreases funding for Alternate Computing Facility by $3.7 million. Encourages Executive Branch cooperation with GAO audits.

DeSantis (FL)


LATE REVISED Prohibits the future use of taxpayer dollars to pay sexual harassment and sexual assault claims against members of Congress and staff.

Esty (CT)


REVISED Increases funding by $500,000 for the Office of Employee Assistance under the Office of the Chief Administrative Officer of the House of Representatives to be pulled from the Architect of the Capitol, Capitol Grounds.

Esty (CT)


REVISED Increases funding by $5 million to the Member Representational Allowance fund and pulled from the Botanical Gardens fund. This funding should be used to incentivize Members to complete performance evaluations for staff.

Gosar (AZ)


Eliminates funding in the bill for the Open World Leadership Center Trust Fund.

Grothman (WI)


LATE Reduces funding for the Architect of the Capitol by $31.5 million and send the savings to the Spending Reduction Account.

Huffman (CA)


Improves Capitol Police policies regarding Members possessing firearms while in the Capitol Complex.

Jayapal (WA)


Prohibits funds from being used to purchase plastic drinking straws.

Kildee (MI), Murphy, Stephanie (FL), Gabbard (HI), Mast (FL)


Increases funding by $250,000 for the U.S. House of Representatives’ Wounded Warrior Program, which provides employment opportunities within the U.S. House for veterans with service-connected disabilities. Decreases funding for the Architect of the Capitol, Capital Construction and Operations account by an equivalent amount.

King, Steve (IA)


LATE Bars employment of those unlawfully present.

King, Steve (IA)


LATE Empowers Capitol Police to enforce immigration laws.

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Requires agency employees to report to OGR, HSGAC, and OGE any time they seek ethics guidance on financial conflict of interest, and the results of that guidance.

Krishnamoorthi (IL)


LATE Prohibits enforcement of an NDA against an agency employee in contravention of federal whistleblower protections.

Lieu (CA)


REVISED Prohibits the use of funds to enter into contracts, grants, or agreements with properties associated with the Trump Organization, enumerated in the amendment to Division B.

Meadows (NC)


REVISED Reestablishes a semiannual Government Accountability Office financial review of obligated expenditures from the Independent Counsel permanent indefinite appropriation, and requires the report’s findings to be submitted to the Committees on Appropriations of the House and Senate, the Committees on Oversight and Government Reform and Judiciary of the House, and the Committees on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Judiciary of the Senate.

Murphy, Stephanie (FL)


Prohibits funds made available in this Act from being used to make payments from the Members' Representational Allowance for airline accommodations above coach, except where no coach accommodations are reasonably available, where use of other than coach is necessary to accommodate a medical disability or other special need, or where exceptional security circumstances require the use of other than coach.

Norman (SC)


REVISED Reduces the total amount of Member’s representational allowances, including Members’ clerk hire, official expenses, and official mail by $11 million.

O'Halleran (AZ)


LATE Allows DACA beneficiaries to work on Capitol Hill.

O'Halleran (AZ)


LATE Ensures full funds for the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Renacci (OH)


LATE Expresses sense of the Congress that each year the Comptroller General should present audited financial statements to a Joint Session of Congress.

Rosen (NV)


REVISED Amends Division B to prohibit agencies from obligating or expending funds appropriated if such funds constitute an earmark.

Rosen (NV)


Prohibits the use of funds allocated for Members’ representational allowances for the costs of franked mail: 1) in excess of $10,000 per Member of Congress; 2) that includes content that is purely related to a campaign for election for office; 3) if such mail is both non-electronic mail and includes a photograph; or 4) if such mail is non-electronic mail that constitutes a mass mailing and is sent at any time during the year in which there is a primary election or general election held in which the sending Member is a candidate, prior to the date of that election.

Rosen (NV)


Prohibits the use of funds for a government contribution for the retirement benefits of any Member of Congress who has been convicted of a felony under the laws of a State or the United States.

Ruiz (CA), Gosar (AZ)


Prohibits use of funds for official travel expenses of Members of Congress and legislative branch employees for airline accommodations other than coach-class.

Soto (FL), Murphy, Stephanie (FL)


LATE WITHDRAWN Increases the funding by $5,000,000 for the Library of Congress Books for the Blind and Physically Handicapped program.

Speier (CA)


REVISED Expands the climate survey regarding harassment and discrimination in the Congressional workplace, established by Section 5 of the regulations governing H.Res. 630 adopted by the Committee on House Administration on December 19, 2017, to lobbyists who file an LD-2 Disclosure Form with the Office of the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives and to members of the press who receive their Congressional credentials through the U.S. House of Representatives Periodical Press Gallery.

Takano (CA), Delaney (MD), Esty (CT), Foster (IL), Langevin (RI), Lieu (CA), Lujan (NM)


Appropriates $2.5 million to re-institute the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA) to help Congress understand emerging technologies and their policy implications. Offset by funds from an administrative account within the Architect of the Capitol.