Summary of Amendments Submitted to the Rules Committee for Division B of H.R. 3219 – Legislative Branch Appropriations Act, 2018

Summaries Derived from Information Provided by Sponsors

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July 25, 2017 4:44 PM

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Beyer (VA), Blumenauer (OR)


REVISED None of the funds made available in this Act may be used to reimburse lodging expenses of a Federal employee or official in the course of official Government travel or business at any Trump brand property.

Blackburn (TN)


Provides for a one percent across the board cut to the bill’s spending levels. Accounts for the Capitol Police; Architect of the Capitol-Capitol Police Buildings, Grounds and Security; and Office of the Sergeant At Arms shall not be reduced.

Blum (IA), Gosar (AZ), Sinema (AZ)


REVISED Prohibits funds made available by this Act from being used for the purchase of first class airline tickets by members of the House of Representatives.

Blum (IA)


Prohibits the use of funds for the purpose of leasing a vehicle for more than 30 consecutive days.

Boyle (PA)


LATE Prohibition of taxpayer dollars being used to pay for the legal team and in-house special counsel on Russia investigation related to the President and family members

Cicilline (RI)


REVISED Increases funds in order to provide designated baby changing stations for members of the public who visit publicly accessible buildings controlled by the Architect of the Capitol, including in both male and female publicly accessible bathrooms

Cohen (TN)


Prohibits the use of funds at certain Trump related properties listed on the Trump Organization’s website.

Cohen (TN)


Prohibits the uses of funds for the Members’ Representational Allowance at certain Trump related properties listed on the Trump Organization’s website. The specific properties are listed in the amendment.

Connolly (VA)


REVISED Increases funding for the Government Accountability Office (GAO).

DeSantis (FL)


LATE Reduces the salary of any employee covered by division B that devotes 100 percent of the employee’s time to “official time” to $1.

Gallagher (WI)


LATE Prevents Members of Congress from reimbursing their travel expenses until a budget resolution has been agreed to for the current fiscal year.

Griffith (VA), Jordan (OH), Meadows (NC), Perry (PA)


Eliminates the Budget Analysis Division of the Congressional Budget Office and transfers the duties of that division to the Office of the Director of CBO.

Grothman (WI)


LATE Reduces the raise in appropriations for Capitol Police and transfer the savings into the spending reduction account.

Kihuen (NV)


REVISED Ensures that no funds are distributed to federal contractors unless they pay their hourly employees a minimum of $15 per hour.

Kihuen (NV), Eshoo (CA)


Requires that within 30 days of being awarded a contract for the procurement of goods and services, firms report all political expenditures for the two years before the date of award.

Kildee (MI)


LATE REVISED Increases the House Wounded Warrior Program by $250,000. This program provides wounded veterans with employment opportunities with the House of Representatives.

King, Steve (IA)


Bars employment of those unlawfully present.

King, Steve (IA)


Empowers Capitol Police to enforce immigration laws.

Love (UT)


Expands the permissible uses of MRA funds that have been designated for Member security to include residential security systems that do not constitute structural improvements to Members’ homes.

Maloney, Sean (NY)


Prohibits funds from being used to contravene the President’s Executive Order pertaining to equal employment in Federal government contracting.

Norton (DC)


Prohibits the use of funds to enforce the ban on commercial filming on the Capitol Complex.

O'Halleran (AZ)


LATE Increases funding for the Office of Congressional Ethics to fully fund OCE's budget request, offset by reduction to Supplies, Materials, Administrative Costs and Federal Tort Claims.

Pascrell (NJ)


LATE Provides funds for the Ways and Means Committee to request the tax returns of the President.

Perry (PA), Jordan (OH), Meadows (NC)


Abolishes the Budget Analysis Division of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), and transfers the duties of the agency to facilitate and administer scoring data compiled by the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institution, and the Urban Institute.

Perry (PA)


Prohibits the use of funds to pay the salary of any IT employee who has not undergone a background check by the USCP.

Perry (PA)


Prohibits funds made available by this Act may be used to pay the salary of any employee who is not subject to at-will employment.

Perry (PA)


Reduces the appropriation to the Congressional Budget Office.

Roybal-Allard (CA)


Prohibits the use of funds for Border Wall Construction.

Ruiz (CA)


REVISED States no funds in this legislation can be used for legal proceedings related to the case of United States House of Representatives v. Price.

Russell (OK), Jayapal (WA)


Prohibits the printed distribution of the Federal Register to House offices, unless an office requests a printed copy.

Shea-Porter (NH)


Prohibits the use of funds from Members Representational Allowances to mail any unsolicited mass mailing larger than the size of a standard US postcard.

Takano (CA), Esty (CT), Foster (IL), Langevin (RI), Lieu (CA), Lujan (NM)


REVISED Appropriates $2.5 million to re-institute the Office of Technology Assessment (OTA), offset from funds from the Architect of the Capitol’s Capital Construction and Operations Account.

Yoho (FL)


REVISED Prohibits funds made available to the Architect of the Capitol from being used to prohibit chiefs of staff for Members of Congress from being able to lead Capitol Dome tours.

Yoho (FL)


Prohibits federal taxpayer funds from being used to fund the annuity or retired pay of any Member of Congress who has been convicted of a felony under state or federal law.